Let’s get together to chat: Multicultural Café

In the Chat, let’s speak in “yasashii nihongo (simple Japanese)”. You are free to ask any questions that you would like, such as;

-The Corona Virus and vaccination.

-Daily life in Japan.

-What to do when having babies.

-Childrearing, kindergarten, nursery school, elementary and other schools.

-What to do in case of big earthquakes and other natural disasters.


When:  Sunday, Sep.26, 2021  14:00 – 15:30

Where:  Kodaira International Friendship Association (KIFA)   Community Center Gakuennishi-machi 3rd floor

Address: 12-22 Gakuennishi-machi 2-chome, Kodaira City

Number of participants:  10 non-Japanese people in order of application. (Japanese members of KIFA will also attend the Chat).

To apply: Please send an email to info@kifa-tokyo.jp  with some information about yourself;

1) what languages you speak, 2) your name and a brief self introduction, 3) subjects you would like to talk about in the Chat.

Dead line for application:  Wednesday, Sep.15


Everybody is invited to join the Chat. It is free of charge.

To join the Chat, please be reminded;

☆ to bring your own drink.

☆ to wear a mask and mind social distancing.

☆ there will be Japanese participants who speak English or Chinese.